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Capacitive touch solutions customization

Capacitive touch screens are currently the most popular products in the display industry and are widely used in mobile phones and tablet PCs. The ability to scroll, zoom and pinch is an experience that cannot be matched by resistive capacitive screens.

Capacitive touchscreens have also come a long way in industrial displays in recent years, but unlike consumer products, they are used in a much wider and harsher environment. The performance of capacitive screens is put to the test.

Client’s Case and Application

When you design a project, it may be based around display products that are already on the market.Of course, the way You

Resistance touch screen customization

Advantages of resistive touchscreens. •Resistive touchscreens are highly accurate down to the pixel dot level and are suitable for resolutions up to 4096×4096. •The screen

Cover Glass Additions

The display is used as an interactive interface and there are generally two types of installation. 1>Flush mounting:where the LCM only exposes the display area,