7-inch, what are the commonly used resolutions of LCD screens, 800*480, 1024*600, 1280*800, 1920*1200, 800*1280, etc. The interface definitions include RGB, LVDS, and MIPI interfaces. What we often sell are 7-inch 800*480 RGB interface, 7-inch 1024*600 LVDS interface and RGB interface, 7-inch 800*1280 MIPI interface, etc.

Capacitive touch screens are currently the most popular products in the display industry and are widely used in mobile phones and tablet PCs. The ability to scroll, zoom and pinch is an experience that cannot be matched by resistive capacitive screens. Capacitive touchscreens have also come a long way in industrial displays in recent years, but […]

Advantages of resistive touchscreens. •Resistive touchscreens are highly accurate down to the pixel dot level and are suitable for resolutions up to 4096×4096. •The screen is unaffected by dust, moisture and oil and can be used in low or high temperature environments. •Resistive touch screens use pressure sensing, can be touched with any object, can […]

The backlight is also a core component of the LCD module, unlike OLED displays, TFT LCD panels do not emit light themselves, it is a passive device, TFT LCD is a transmissive panel and needs a backlight to provide light. A good backlight module can provide even light and make the TFT LCD module display […]

The display is used as an interactive interface and there are generally two types of installation. 1>Flush mounting:where the LCM only exposes the display area, with a plastic or metal frame outside the viewport to protect it. 2>Full screen mounting:where a cover plate is placed on the surface of the display, adhesive is applied to […]