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10.1-inch 1280*800 IPS LVDS interface LCD display
10.1 inch 1024*600 industrial display
10.4 inch 1024*768 wide temperature LCD module
4.3-inch 480*272 RGB interface LCD display
4.3 inch 800*480 IPS with CTP
8-inch 800*600 RGB interface with RTP Used in industrial control and medical industries

Client’s Case and Application

When you design a project, it may be based around display products that are already on the market.Of course, the way You

Resistance touch screen customization

Advantages of resistive touchscreens. •Resistive touchscreens are highly accurate down to the pixel dot level and are suitable for resolutions up to 4096×4096. •The screen

Cover Glass Additions

The display is used as an interactive interface and there are generally two types of installation. 1>Flush mounting:where the LCM only exposes the display area,

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20+ engineers work for QINMI, most of them are from industry leaders of TFT LCD module, Each of our Core Team Members has 15 years of industry experience.